Blackletter: Type Morphing Animation

Blackletter: Type Morphing Animation

Blackletter Typemorphing is an animation which was created during my bachelor thesis as accompanying material for my editorial design.

The idea was to create an animation which morphs the glyph F through different eras of Blackletter typefaces. While I initially worked with a variable font setup, this turned out to be a dead-end soon enough. I could not get the animation to be as chaotic as I imagined it to be.

After some research I worked out a way to animate the glyph within Processing. I still drew the different glyphs designs in GlyphsApp to have the most control over my Beziér curves. I then post processed the font files, extracting the vector information of all the on-curve and off-curve points and loaded them into Processing.

With all the vector information now available to me within Processing I had the freedom to manipulate and morph between the different states (eras) of the glyph.

Full video showing all the morphings. This video was used as a looping visual during the bachelor exhibition.